Blog #11

My knowledge has developed regarding social media and social networking value. Social media is an essential feature in one’s life, with more social media sites evolving to facilitate interactions. This contact enhances one’s knowledge in particular disciplines and professional skills… Continue Reading →

Blog #10

Consider how you can use the PLN interactions of this course to further your digital identity post-term. By talking EDCI 338 this semester, there were lots of essential skills were build through learning personal learning network. Even though my personal… Continue Reading →


What is media literacy? Media literacy is the person being capable of applying their own learnings and knowledge and modify the learnings and information with the digital media resources by using the media creation tools to conduct the effective communication… Continue Reading →

Blog #8

Community communications go beyond blogs and social media shares, how does a PLN help and hinder the development of thoughts and ideas in education discourse? Personal learning networks (PLNs) play a vital role in educational discourses. Firstly, these networks facilitate… Continue Reading →


Jody Vance explores how journalism has changed from the time broadcasters would be confided to newsrooms to the current era of social media, whereby individuals are free to express their thoughts without being limited by institutional bureaucracies. Vance recognizes social… Continue Reading →

Blog #6

  How Does Social Media Engage in Advocacy Communications? In recent years, more and more teachers and students have taken to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share their ideas with peers and experts throughout the country…. Continue Reading →

Blog #5

The key to creating a successful PLN is by aligning oneself with the right people. In my case, these are individuals who can provide different perspectives, offer disruptive thoughts and ideas, and are passionate about the emerging topic. I would… Continue Reading →

Blog #4

How diverse is your existing PLN? Building PLN can be considered as the dynamic structure in one’s life. It can be the forms of presentation for our daily lives and aspects of human beings emotions. My existing PLN is relatively… Continue Reading →

Blog #3

What digital platforms are students currently using to develop their professional network? According to my research, I believe the digital platforms that students are currently using are often Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those social platforms allow students to be active… Continue Reading →

Blog #2 Digital Identity

What is a digital identity? Digital identity refers to information on computer systems’ entities whose role is representing external agents. The concept relates to an individual’s presence online, including the aspects they post and share. How do personal versus professional… Continue Reading →

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